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Hands in orange gloves working on a car engine.

Support SWCTE

By supporting SWCTE with a financial contribution, you're investing in the next generation of North Dakota's workers and, as such, the state's future economy. 

There are multiple levels and types of support available, such as sponsoring a classroom or lab or donating funds for student scholarships. Click the program areas below to learn more about current needs. 

Young woman looking over a young boy in a yellow shirt coloring with a red crayon.
Building Icon

Empower futures by supporting CTE facilities, where hands-on learning transforms students into skilled professionals, ready to excel in diverse technical industries.

Donation Icon

Make a non-monetary contribution by sharing your time, professional expertise, services, or other with SWCTE.

Tractor Icon

Cultivate a sustainable future by donating to agriculture programs, which nurtures the skills and knowledge essential for the resilience of our food systems.

Car Repair Icon

Automotive programs deliver comprehensive training, equipping individuals with the expertise to excel in the dynamic and evolving automotive industry.

Construction Icon

Construction programs provide practical training, shaping individuals into skilled professionals ready for diverse and rewarding careers in the construction industry.

Culinary Icon

Support the culinary arts by donating to culinary programs, nurturing aspiring chefs and fostering a passion for creating exquisite and diverse cuisines.

Engine Icon

Your support ensures hands-on training to start individuals on a path to the dynamic and essential field of diesel technology.

Engine Icon

Help continue students' learning and skill-building by supporting DSU's Diesel Technology program.

Medical Icon

Transform lives and advance healthcare by supporting health science programs, dedicated to improving well-being worldwide.

Prototype Icon

Help the innovators of tomorrow by at the forefront of technological advancement by providing funding for the SWCTE STEAM program. 

Welder Icon

Forge a brighter future for skilled trades by donating to SWCTE's welding program, empowering individuals with the training needed to excel in this in-demand field.

Welder Icon

Help students continue their career path in welding by sponsoring a facet of DSU's welding program. 

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