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Community Impact

Southwest Career and Technical Education (SWCTE), a positive change within the community, has an impact far beyond its classrooms. Through specialized career and technical education programs, SWCTE nurtures a skilled workforce, arming students with practical skills that directly contribute to the local job market. This educational institution actively engages with the community, forges partnerships with local businesses, and fosters internships that benefit students and enhance the area's economic vitality. 


SWCTE also contributes to the community by promoting diversity and fostering a strong sense of unity among students, parents, and educators. As the school continues to produce successful alumni who make significant contributions to the community, SWCTE leaves an enduring mark on the greater community.

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CTE Enrollment in North Dakota

A bar chart showing CTE enrollment growing from 21,107 in 2017-18 to 25,333 in 2021-22

Postsecondary Enrollment
Within 12 Months

A pie chart showing how many CTE students in North Dakota went on to a four-year public university in North Dakota (about one-third) and how many did not go to a post-secondary school (another one-third)

Top CTE Pathways for North Dakota Students
2021-22 Enrollment

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Agriculture Education

2,634 Students

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1,273 Students

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2,581 Students

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Administrative Support

1,027 Students

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Family & Consumer Sciences Education

2,419 Students

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Environmental Services Systems

954 Students

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