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SWCTE Governing Board

The Academy Governance Board consists of six (6) directors composed of the following representative entities: Dickinson Public School District (2 directors), Killdeer Public School District (1 director), South Heart Public School District (1 director), New England Public School District (1 director), Belfield Public School District (1 director) and Trinity Catholic School System (ex-officio). The Academy Advisory Board will be formed to consist of members representing Roughrider Area Career and Technology Center, Dickinson State University, Trinity Catholic Schools, members from Business and Industry, which may include economic development representatives and political subdivision representatives.

Board of Directors


Brent Seaks, President

Dickinson Public Schools

Carrie Zimmerman, Vice President

Beach Public Schools

Kimberly Schwartz, Secretary/Treasurer
Dickinson Public Schools


Lynae Harper

South Heart Public Schools

Connie Jalbert

New England Public Schools




West Krebs

Belfield Public Schools

Ty Orton

Dickinson State University


Marya Skaare

Trinity Catholic

Carrie Zachmann

Beach Public Schools


271 34th Street West

Dickinson, ND 58601




Aaron Anderson

SWCTE Director  |

Aaron Anderson, a Rugby, North Dakota, native, assumed the role of Career and Technical Education Director for Dickinson Public Schools in August 2021. Also serving as Director of Southwest Area CTE Academy (SWCTE), he oversees the collaborative effort of seven high schools and Dickinson State University. With a background as the State Supervisor for Agricultural Education with the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education and a former high school Agricultural Education instructor in Turtle Lake, North Dakota, Anderson brings a wealth of experience to his position, combining administrative and technical expertise with a hands-on teaching approach. His leadership has been instrumental in the growth and success of CTE initiatives in the region, reflecting his commitment to preparing students for future careers and fostering impactful partnerships that will keep our students at home in southwest North Dakota. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Education from North Dakota State University and a master’s in educational leadership from the University of North Dakota


Heather Blum Headshot

Heather Blum

Family & Consumer Sciences

Jaclyn Guillaume headshot

Jaclyn Guillaume

Health Sciences

Clarence Hauck headshot

Clarence Hauck


Jerry Hays headshot

Jerry Hays

Heavy Equipment/CDL

Rene Heredia headshot

Rene Heredia

Computer Science/Cyber Security

Adrien Kathrein headshot

Adrien Kathrein

Health Sciences

Chris Kovash headshot

Chris Kovash

Community Outreach Coordinator

Marjorie Lehman headshot

Marjorie Lehman


Brenda Loney headshot

Brenda Loney


Jonah Nelson headshot

Jonah Nelson

Diesel Technology

Jakob Ohl headshot

Jakob Ohl

Automotive Technology

Kelly Olson headshot

Kelly Olson


Tayor Peters headshot

Taylor Peters

Law Enforcement

Kay Poland headshot

Kay Poland


Sarah Rhode headshot

Sara Rhode

Health Sciences

A. Rushton headshot

A. Rushton

Courtney Sadowsky headshot

Courtney Sadowsky

Health Sciences

Scott Schmidt headshot

Scott Schmidt


Colby Steeke

Colby Steeke


Laura Tangen headshot

Laura Tangen

Family & Consumer Sciences

Collen Wehner headshot

Collen Wehner

Culinary Arts

Leslie Wilkie headshot

Leslie Wilkie

Family & Consumer Sciences

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